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Just to show termites are not only a Toronto problem.

The whole house is damaged, timbers, ring joist timbers, beams, all in the same condition.

I have never seen a house so badly rotted away. You could stick a screwdriver through any timber or ring joist.

Garry Chambers


When I arrived at the hydro panel during a pre-delivery inspection, I saw, I photographed, and I went on to something else...

I am really not sure how one managed to attach the wires from an electric furnace to the buss bars with two pairs of vice grips, without getting electrocuted.

Ron Tropea



When certain trades are installing different components there are sometimes conflicts for space. Here we see a joist severely cut with no additional support added. A weak floor in this area can result.

Steven Love
RHI (Provincial act 1994)


Who said new homes don't need to be inspected! this five year old home had not had the main ground wire tightened to the ground clamp. Failure of this could lead to hazardous fault currents not being interrupted. A serious safety risk!

Steven Love
RHI (Provincial act 1994)


This is an example of a masonry chimney that was showing signs of settlement. This chimney was added after the house was built. Further investigation was suggested.

Steven Love
RHI (Provincial act 1994)


Even newer homes can have problems. Here we find (outlined in red), the brick veneer was rebuilt since it failed as there was insufficient support from below. And a section of much needed angle iron installed to help support that rebuilt brick veneer.

It was our understanding that this was a repair by the Ontario New Home Warranty program.

Steven Love
RHI (Provincial act 1994)


During a rural inspection, it is advisable to contract seperate well and septic inspections.

These inspections can cost $600.00 to $1200.00 on top of the standard inspection

Steven Love
RHI (Provincial act 1994)

These are very hard "finds". The discovery of an underground oil supply line is very difficult and in most cases not detectable during a standard home inspection.

Take a look at the copper lines (circled in red), coming in below the electrical panel. Further investigation is always the case with these finds.

Steven Love
RHI (Provincial act 1994)


A very difficult find, most inspections won't reveal the main service conductors, this one here we couldn't resist.

The installer even tried to "build up" the incoming conduit with duct tape to make it look more like a true 200 amp service. It was at best a poorly installed and an unsafe 100 amp service.

Steven Love
RHI (Provincial act 1994)



Not all inspections turn up problems. Here we have a professional "dig out" of a basement floor area.

Many dig outs fail to provide enough bearing support for the original foundation when the slab floor is lowered.

Steven Love
RHI (Provincial act 1994)

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